Cool Status for Whatsapp in English

Cool Status

Cool Status in English: Are you a cool guy? Finding cool quotes for WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook? Well, fortunately you are on a right place. In this article, we have listed Top trending 2019 Cool status with images that you can upload it on your Whatsapp status & profile.

Show your coolness to the world by updating your status & let them know through our quotes that you are blessed with great humour. 

So without wasting any time, let’s jump into the trending cool status for WhatsApp in English.

Cool Status for WhatsApp in 2019

Here is the top trending collection of Cool status for WhatsApp.

  • So U are waiting for me to talk first, It’s Okay wait till February 31st
  • Keys to a friendship – same taste in alcohol Different taste in girls
Cool Status
  • It is amazing that after dating dozens of boys, Girls finally find their true love in arranged marriages
  • My future wife here probably thinking that no one is going to love her, Aww I M coming my little Munchkin, Don’t lose hope
  • If a girl says that I am not like other girls Tell her to have a Medical checkup
  • Just imagine a Woman with zero “EGO” No trust issues, Fast replies , Yes only “Imagine”
  • I might be jobless but at least I am not posting stories like “Before 2018 ends tell me something that you have always wanted to tell me”
  • If you ever feel you are ignored Just block them
  • If all the men are dogs then why don’t you marry real dogs
  • I am a really good person until you piss me off
  • I am not Anti-Social I am Selectively Social
  • Life would be so easy if we could mark people as spam
  • With dozen of makeup on face and An inch of lipstick on her lips, She said looks doesn’t Matter
  • The more I knew about people The more I like my dog
  • The 5 AM of workout is always better than 2 AM of Conversation
  • You can either have a GF or Self Respect
  • When it comes to love Even the smartest people become dumb
  • When a girl Doesn’t Reply my Text  I feel so honored that I made her speechless
  • Your EX Asking to stay friends After break up is like a kidnapper asking to stay in touch after letting you go
  • Some people are like Shit  No matter How hard you try to hold them You have to let them go
  • Everything I love is either illegal, Expensive or Won’t text me back
  • I am single because I know girls
  •  I can block you but then you will not be able to see all the fun things that I do without you

Cool Status for FB 2019

Update your FB Profile with our cool Status collection.

  • If you are having a girlfriend and life is not fun, have another one
  • Talking to your EX again is like trying to put poop back into your Butt
  • I wish karma would slap you in the face Before I do
  • If he is cute, its flirting  If he is ugly, its Harassment 
  • The most dangerous Disease is powerful memory
  • Mirrors can’t talk Lucky for you they can’t laugh either
  • When it comes to the opinion of idiots Gentleman gives zero fucks
  • Money cannot buy happiness But poverty can’t buy anything
  • 50% miss you 50% F*** you
  • Girls say “All Guys are same” Who told you to try them all?
  • I am not anti-social I am anti-Bullshit
  • I was ugly until she saw my car
  • Judge me if you are an asshole
  • Know your value and add tax
  • Dear ex I love dumbells more than you
  • When nothing is going right Just go to sleep
  • Life is too short to worry about Dumb people
  • I am not a nerd  I am just smarter than you
  • Need new clothes A new city A new life
  • People used to laugh at me, Now they wish to laugh with me

Final Words

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